Testimonial on a breast reduction proformed by Dr. Rivela

I find it sad that the woman who are unhappy with Dr. Rivela were ones who were all ready unhappy with their body. In my case I needed a breast reduction due to back pain, neck pain etc. I was a 34H at the age of 21 and Dr.Rivela got me to a nice C cup in under three hours. my surgery was 3 days ago at Memorial Hermanns Outpatient center and I am feeling fantastic! He was very kind and even took into consideration the “dream bra” I brought in with me to my consult. I also took it with me on surgery day just to make sure we were on the same page and I couldn’t be more happier with the size he left me with. He removed a total of 1,100g. His staff is very caring, and I have not experience any staff ignoring me to be on facebook when I am in the office, like someone else mentioned. I am very very pleased with my decision to use Dr. Rivela for my breast reduction, I would do it all over again with no regrets! I would much rather have a amazing plastic surgeon with okay “bed side” manners than a PS who has amazing bed-side manners and okay work. For the patients who aren’t happy with their botox injections, or neck lifts you weren’t happy to begin with so its really hard to meet your perfect standard, I had a wonderful experience and would use Dr. Rivela again.