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What is BodyTite?

BodyTite is the latest minimally invasive technology to tighten sagging skin on the body, buttocks, and thighs with little downtime at Rivela Plastic Surgery in the Woodlands, TX just north of Houston.

It is a non-surgical solution for skin laxity radiofrequency (RF) energy to target fat and loose skin in the body and can be used in conjunction with a tummy tuck, liposuction, or other surgical procedures. Radiofrequency (RF) energy is a safe and effective way to heat body tissue. It safely heats body tissue to stimulate collagen and skin tightening.

BodyTite Scarless Skin Tightening

Where is BodyTite Treatment Effective?

Bodytite can be used on areas of the body that can benefit from skin tightening or lifting. These areas include:

  • Breast
  • Arms
  • Tummy (Abdomen)
  • Waistline
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Bra Rolls

How is BodyTite Performed?

BodyTite is performed in our fully accredited office procedure room using local anesthesia. The area of loose skin or excess fat is numbed with local anesthesia. A micro-incision is made in the skin and the BodyTite probe is inserted in the area. Our micro-incision is so tiny that stitches are not required. The BodyTite electrode delivers RF energy to heat the tissue to a safe temperature while simultaneously measuring the real-time temperature of the skin. BodyTite has safeguards that provide active monitoring of the skin’s external and internal temperatures, ensuring the treatment is safe, precise, and effective. Uniform heat distribution throughout the treated areas provides results that are even and smooth. The entire procedure lasts about one hour, and patients can return home immediately after.

How Many BodyTite Treatments are Needed?

BodyTite is a single-treatment solution without surgery. Most of our patients require only one treatment session. The treatment itself typically takes less than one hour, and poses minimal post-treatment redness and swelling—many patients resume their normal activities right away! In certain cases, additional Bodytite treatments may be needed to achieve a patient’s desired improvement.

What Results to Expect with BodyTite

Results with Bodytite develop gradually and are long-lasting. Most of our patients see their results in a few weeks.
By simultaneously melting fat and tightening the skin, a BodyTite treatment can effectively treat common signs of aging to create a more youthful appearance in just one treatment.

BodyTite Treatment Recovery

The entire procedure lasts about one hour, and patients can return home immediately after. Our patients return to work in 1 to 2 days most of the time. Common side effects include swelling, soreness, bruising, numbness, and itchiness in the targeted areas. Most side effects improve drastically within the first week, including swelling. We offer compression garments to minimize swelling and provide comfort during the first week or two of recovery. The tiny incisions will heal quickly without the need for stitches and will not leave behind noticeable scarring. Patients are generally able to resume regular activities about 48 hours after the procedure, although moderate swelling will be visible for the first three days and patients may want to stay home during this time.

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