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Restoring a youthful appearance means restoring volume and unfortunately, since the skin and soft tissue of the back of the hands are very thin, oftentimes it is among the first signs of age.  As the soft tissue diminishes with age, the underlying structures, such as our veins, bones, joints, and tendons, become more prominent in appearance.  As the skin loses structural support it can appear deflated and wrinkled.   

What is Restylane Lyft?

Restylane® Lyft is the first and only FDA-approved filler indicated to add volume to the back of the hands to combat the visible effects of this aging process. Treatment with Restylane® Lyft in the Woodlands restores soft tissue volume under the skin of the back of your hands providing structural support to your skin and improving the cosmetic appearance of your hands.

What to Expect with Restylane Lyft

At your appointment after your consultation, your hand is numbed with a local anesthetic. You can expect just a few injection sites on the back of your hands. The Restylane® Lyft will be administered through those injection sites, and the filler solution will spread under your skin to create the desired effect. Care is taken by our skilled nurse injectors to distribute the product evenly, creating create a smooth appearance. The overall delivery of the product is relatively painless.

We will start with using just one syringe per hand and evaluate the need for additional products. In some patients, one to three syringes per hand are required for optimal rejuvenation. As with all hyaluronic acid products, results should last for about nine to 12 months.

“I was so excited to see that Dr. Rivela’s office was offering Restylane® Lyft and that it was FDA-approved.  My hands had bothered for some time and I could’t wait to try it.  I’m happy to say it did not hurt and the results were immediate.  It got even better after a few days!  Thank you Regina and Rivela Plastic Surgery. “

Patricia Ann, age 54