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Breast augmentation surgery consistently ranks as one of the top five plastic surgery procedures performed each year by plastic surgeons. Many patients seeking a breast augmentation in The Woodlands choose Dr. Lucian Rivela, an acclaimed board-certified plastic surgeon with years of experience.

first place best plastic surgeon The Woodlands online 7 years in a row boob job augWhether you want to change the size and shape of your breasts due to age and/or pregnancy, weight loss or even general perception that your breasts are underdeveloped, each is a valid reason why you may be considering breast enlargement. Often women are happy with their overall appearance but desire larger and fuller breasts.

Approval of silicone gel-filled implants by the FDA for women aged 22 years and older has contributed to increase demand for the procedure. Breast enhancement with breast implants can give a woman a more proportional shape and may improve self-esteem.

Attaining more ample and more attractive breasts through breast augmentation surgery no longer means sacrificing your body’s natural look and feel. Dr. Rivela, consistently voted the top plastic surgeon in The Woodlands by Woodlands Online, has performed more breast augmentation surgeries than any other procedure.

An experienced plastic surgeon highly skilled with breast enlargement procedures, Dr. Rivela can enhance your breasts by making them fuller and more shapely with natural-looking, beautiful results.

Breast Augmentation Before & After Results
Breast Augmentation Before & After Results

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Your Consultation with Dr. Rivela

During your consultation, your medical history will be carefully reviewed with special attention on any risk factors. Detailed measurements of the size and shape of your breasts and chest will be obtained. Nipple positioning and skin quality will be evaluated and information regarding the implant size and filler choice, incision location, implant position, along with any possible need for ancillary procedures (breast lift, liposuction, etc.) will be discussed.

In many cases, patients choose to get a breast augmentation with lift, also called augmentation mastopexy. Pairing a breast lift and implants results in improved breast volume, increased perkiness, and a reduction in sag. In cases where only perkiness and sag reduction are desired, a breast lift without implants is an ideal choice.

Risks are carefully reviewed and Dr. Rivela welcomes questions regarding all aspects of the procedure. Laboratory testing and medical clearance are mandatory at Rivela Plastic Surgery, along with information regarding smoking and use of medication. Prescriptions are called to your pharmacy prior to your procedure for your convenience.

Offering Vetra M3 Imaging

By using Vectra® 3D M3 imaging system by Canfield Imaging Systems, Dr. Rivela and his caring staff are able to visually guide each of his patients through surgical and non-surgical procedures using simulated three-dimensional photos of a patient’s face and body to preview results.

This technology is especially beneficial for patients who are considering breast surgery as Vectra® 3D M3 allows patients to view all of their implant size and shape options. Due to the various options of implants available for breast augmentation, the Vectra® 3D M3 imaging system provides the ability to experiment with different implant sizes and types to find the best fit for all body types.

Using multiple digital cameras to capture photos of the face and body from different viewpoints simultaneously, Vectra 3D allows the doctor, staff and you to see every possible angle of how the results will appear after the procedure to better discuss options and view procedures that can meet each individual patient’s aesthetic goals. In this way, Vectra 3D eases patients’ concerns about overall outcomes of a procedure and increases satisfaction which can enhance the surgical outcome.

Your Breast Augmentation Procedure

Dr. Rivela uses only FDA-approved saline and silicone breast implants from the finest manufacturers in the nation, and he utilizes all incision techniques as well as above-and-below-muscle placements depending on your needs and goals. Together, you will decide which method and implant style is best for you. Dr. Rivela will work carefully to ensure that any visible scarring from the procedure is minimal and as light as possible. His results speak for themselves.

The entire procedure typically takes about two hours or less to complete and can be performed as an outpatient. Most patients elect to undergo general anesthesia, but local anesthesia with sedation is an option. Pain pumps are sometimes used to reduce discomfort after your procedure.

Anesthesia: General

Location of Operation: Hospital or surgery center

Length of Surgery: 1-3 hours

Length of Stay: Outpatient (home same day)

Your Breast Augmentation Recovery

Discomfort: Mild to moderate. Anticipate 2-7 days of prescription pain medication.

Swelling and Bruising: Expect swelling and bruising for 7-10 days.

Bandages: Will come off the next day, some patients may need light dressings for 1-3 weeks. You will wear a sports bra or Ace wrap for 1-4 weeks Avoid an underwire bra until your surgeon approves it.

Stitches: Most plastic surgeons use absorbable stitches that are buried under the skin and are clipped in seven days. Non-absorbable stitches will be visible outside the skin and will be removed in seven days.

Work: You may return to work in 7-10 days.

Driving: May be resumed in two weeks if you have stopped taking prescription pain medication.

Exercise: May be resumed in 4-6 weeks.

Final Result: Will be seen after the scars have matured, which will be about six months.

Breast Augmentation FAQs

How is the size of breast implants determined?

During your consultation with Dr. Rivela, you will be able to estimate what volume of breast implants you like. We have silicone and saline implants of different size that you will try on and you will be provided a special bra in which implants of different sizes will be placed, allowing you to see the actual implants on your frame. Please bring a tightly fitting top, so you can better see the outline of the implants on your body.

Many patients prefer large breast implants, and many others benefit most from small breast implants. The final volume of your implants will be determined based on your desired size and your chest/body anatomy.

Breast implants have different widths and amount of projection. Low, moderate, and high profile breast implants are available. Dr. Rivela will discuss with you the different types of breast implants and help you choose the best breast implants for the patient’s desired cosmetic result: enhanced and natural-looking breasts.

What kind of breast implants do you use?

Dr. Rivela uses both silicone and saline implants for breast augmentation—both FDA approved and considered safe. Saline implants are filled with salt water and silicone implants contain silicone gel.

The new generation silicone breast implants from Allergan are popularly referred to as gummy bear implants. These have been seen to provide superior softness to the augmented breast.

Additionally, recent evidence shows that gummy bear breast implants (also known as cohesive gel or memory gel implants) are less likely to leak than the saline breast implants when there is a rupture. This is because gummy bear implants are form-stable. Instead of leaking out of the shell and into the scar-tissue capsule, the gel stays in place and retains its form.

Along with implant type, patients can also choose a texture (smooth or textured implants) and a shape (round or teardrop-shaped implants). The benefits and drawbacks of each option will be discussed during your consultation.

Where will my surgery be performed?

The Woodlands Surgery Center. Your anesthesia will be performed by experienced and board certified anesthesiologists. In most patients, we use general anesthesia for breast augmentation, however, local analgesia and sedation can be used in some patients.

What is recovery like following breast augmentation?

Many patients do not require any pain medications following breast augmentation. Pain medications, however, will be provided to you for any possible discomfort. You will need to wear a support bra for several weeks. Most swelling will resolve within several weeks. Within 1-2 months the breasts will soften and improve in appearance.

Can I get mammograms after breast augmentation?

Just like women with no breast implants, women who undergo breast augmentation should get regular mammograms following general screening guidelines. In most cases the implants are placed behind the muscle, therefore visualization of breast tissue is maximized on mammograms. A special version of the mammogram test will need to be performed so that your doctor can see around the implants for the most accurate results.

How much does breast augmentation cost?

Because every case is different, the price of a breast augmentation varies depending on its details. The cost of the implants, the techniques utilized, and the time the procedure takes to be performed all impact breast augmentation cost. Additionally, financing is available through CareCredit.

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Please contact Rivela Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation for breast augmentation in The Woodlands. During a consultation, Dr. Rivela will be available to answer any questions you may have, review breast augmentation before and after photos with you, and more.

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