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What is Vectra 3D?

Breast surgery is individualized. In order to better illustrate potential outcomes that may be achieved, Dr. Rivela offers this highly advanced 3D breast imaging and simulation technology to his patients. Although there is no single method or simulation that is 100% accurate, the VECTRA® Breast Imaging system gives you an amazing 3D visual image range of outcomes that show you a proportional range for your breast and body, provides a realistic expectation of the appearance of your breasts, is a great educational tool, and helps dramatically with the implant selection process. It is far more accurate than looking at other patients before and after photos. You can visualize your own Before/After surgery. It is also more accurate than placing an implant in your bra, although you are free to do this during your consultation. You are able to visualize and experience your own result in 3D pre-operatively.

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Vectra 3D FAQs

What is Vectra 3D Imaging & Simulation?

3D Breast Imaging & Simulation is a high-resolution, three-dimensional photo-simulation system. Simple graphical tools clearly model surgical results. Imaging uses a 3D photo of your body and allows Dr. Rivela to simulate different size implants and shapes to better visualize how you may look should you select a procedure that includes the placement of breast implants.

Why might I choose Vectra 3D Imaging & Simulation?

See your After result…Before! The unit takes a three-dimensional photograph that can then be visualized and used to simulate your actual range of results following surgery–before your procedure. Choosing to have 3D Imaging of your breasts and body gives you a chance to preview a range of what your breast augmentation result will look like on your own body, versus other before and after photographs, before you elect to undergo the procedure.

Is Vectra 3D Imaging & Simulation really that good?

Breast surgery is highly individualized, and it is often difficult to explain or get across your goals. Looking at other patients’ results is inaccurate because the main contribution to your outcome is your unique breasts, and bra stuffing does not give an accurate appraisal either and will overestimate your result. Although there is no method or simulation that will allow you to experience exactly what your breasts will look like post-operatively, Vectra Breast Imaging gives you a visual image for the range of outcomes that may be achieved for your body, provides a very realistic view of your breasts three-dimensionally, and helps visually with the implant selection process

Will the results of Vectra 3D Imaging & Simulation be the same as my surgical outcomes?

No. Imaging provides a range and an approximation of what you may look like after surgery, but it is not an absolute. Your results take into account not only the breast implant size and shape that will be placed, but also your own natural tissues, the density and firmness of this tissue, sagginess of the breast and other anatomical features that simulation cannot 100% duplicate. We are, however, finding the simulation results very accurate and a great visual for patients.

Is there an added cost for Vectra 3D Imaging & Simulation?

No. At our office, we believe 3D Breast Imaging & Simulation is an important part of your education, informed consent, consultation and experience. There is no added charge.

Is Vectra 3D Imaging & Simulation required?

3D Breast Imaging & Simulation is not a required part of your consultation or surgery. We do, however, incorporate it into our method of implant selection.

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