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Also known as Embroidery or “3D Brows” is a multi-process procedure where we are able to mimic the natural hair strokes in the brow, giving you a very natural and realistic finish. The entire procedure takes about 3 hours.


-Ombre Microblading
Also known as micro shading is a multi-process procedure that combines the traditional 3D hair strokes but also gives strength to the brow by adding shading, applying a gradual blending of color from darker (the tail of the brow) to light(head of the brow) giving you brow an ombre effect. Great for adding density and extra fluff. The entire procedure takes about 3 hours.

-Ombre Powder Brow
Also known as “Magic Shadow” is a High Fashion Brow that has a pixel-like application that strengthens the shape of your brow and gives them definition. With this technique, we are able to give the illusion and recreate a soft powdery effect on the brow. The Ombre effect is created by machine shading applying a gradual blending of color from darker to lighter.


6-Week Touchup-  (No Fee and is included with service) After 6 weeks you are required to come in to touch up your brows and make any alteration needed to the body of the brow. This appointment is very important because it is where we perfect the brow by adding any additional hair strokes or making color adjustments. ++My work cannot be considered complete until your touch-up appointment.

-Touchup/Refresher- This procedure is one appointment only and is tailored for my previously microbladed clients. During this session, we are able to refresh and add a color boost to previous work done. This procedure takes anywhere from 2.5 —  3 hours depending on your previous service. **Ask about Touchup Specials. **