Testimonial on a breast augmentation by Dr. Rivela

I have wanted breast implants for about 10 years. About a year ago, I went to him, and several other doctors, for a consultation. I wasnt ready then. In September, I was ready and chose him as my doctor of choice. I knew of a couple of people who had gone there. One result wasnt very nice,uneven boobs, then other was great. I decided to try for myself because the impression I got from his was very positive. Plus, I looked at the situation of those that had gone before. I realized that what I wanted would be differnt than those before me. The undesireable results my friend had was because she didnt want to get a boob lift (which she needed ) and that is why she got those results. I went in and he has a 3D imaging machine that shows you a 3D image of how you would look. I origionally told him I wanted a “natural look” Meaning, I wanted to be about the size I was when I had my padded bras in place. However, I got “boob envy” and thought about going bigger. His staff, or the doctor did not tell me what to do. However, they did do a great job of focusing in on my origional goals and what those goals looked like in ccs. I am SSSSSOOOOOOOOOO happy I went with what he suggested. My boobs look fantastic, and they look very natural for my size. The way they sit is exactly how I imagined I wanted them to look. And, though he doesnt spend a lot oftime with you, he does ask you very precise questions that let him know exactly the size you want, how they will sit and so on. I was amazed at how often I have gone bavck to see him for a follow up. This makes me happy because, though it seems a bit much, I feel like he is really wants to make sure the healing process is going well. I am very satisfied,and he honored the quote he origionally gave me a year ago. I realize everyone’s experience is differnt, but for me, I couldnt be more happy.