Emsculpt The Woodlands

Over the past few years, nonsurgical fat reduction treatments such as coolsculpting have exploded with popularity around the world. Now there is a new noninvasive, non-surgical treatment that not only reduces fat but tones the muscles as well.

Rivela Plastic Surgery is pleased to be the first in the Woodlands to offer Emsculpt, FDA approved revolutionary new treatment utilizing electromagnetic energy to take this popular procedure a step further by combining fat reduction with muscle toning. With no downtime, incisions, surgery or needles, the result is a slimmer and more toned appearance for the buttocks. Emsculpt actually produces the first ever non-invasive butt lift.

Your Emsculpt Consultation at Rivela Plastic Surgery

During your consultation your medical history will be carefully reviewed. Emsculpt Body Contouring is compatible with both men and women and all skin types, though there are a number of factors to determine whether you are an appropriate Emsculpt candidate.

My EmSculpt Treatment

A standard EmSculpt is only 4 30 minute treatments (two treatments one week followed by two treatments the second week) making Emsculpt a convenient treatment for individuals with a busy schedule. Emsculpt body contouring does not require any preparation before your treatment and has no downtime.