Skincare Products The Woodlands

At Rivela Plastic Surgery, we offer a large array of products. Please call or come by for a complimentary consultation to allow us to aid you in your at home skincare needs. .

Skin Medica

SkinMedica products counteract these problems and improve your skin’s appearance by restoring your skin’s health from within. Each of SkinMedica’s formulas are clinically tested and proven to revitalize skin deep below the surface to more effectively address the visible signs of aging.

Using medical-grade ingredients such as vitamins C and E , retinol, the TNS® patented blend of growth factors, soluble collagen, antioxidants and matrix proteins, SkinMedica products give your skin exactly what it needs to regenerate a healthy, youthful complexion. After only a few months, you will notice firmer skin, less wrinkling, and improved tone and elasticity.

In addition to its amazing research and product line, as part of the Brilliant Distinctions, now, taking excellent care of your skin can save you money off Botox.  SkinMedica’s formulations are safe for all skin types and most are safe for use post-procedure. They are not tested on animals.


Glo Minerals

Glo Minerals are award-winning mineral formulations that nurture, protect and heal the skin while providing flawless coverage and fabulous color palettes. We use only pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and are entirely talc-free. Our skincare products are advanced formulations that work systematically to support skin health and treat skin concerns.

Billion Dollar Brow

Say goodbye to cookie cutter brow stencils, too thick or too thin brows. Experience this amazing brow shaping secret. Products and services.

Skin Ceuticals

To maintain and improve skin health, an effective skincare regimen must contain three fundamental elements: Prevention, Protection, and Correction. The SkinCeuticals product philosophy is built around these principles. Designed to prevent signs of future damage, protect healthy skin, and correct the appearance of previous damage, SkinCeuticals is committed to advanced skincare products that are backed by science